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Ripple tends to plan more business in global corridors with regulatory clarity

In the most recent episode of The Ripple Drop, the company has highlighted a few of the key success stories and products that the year 2018 witnessed in the Ripple and XRP ecosystem. Here, Marcus Treacher and Ashish Birla, respectively working as the SVP, Customer Success and Product Management spoke about the products and partnerships of Ripple established in 2018.

Treacher began by stating that 2018 was the year when the RippleNet came to life wherein the company built a network of up to 40 countries around the world and started to bring the whole payment vision of Ripple to fruition.

When asked about the key milestones in the course of the year, he answered by mentioning One Pay FX, a payment service by Santander. Here, he conveyed that the service is being rolled out by the company all over the world. Treacher added:

“And Ripple is driving that solution. What we are now doing is using that know-how to help them very quickly develop winning propositions for their own apps and their own instant banking services. What’s it doing is it’s creating a true global network and that’s starting to bring the internet or value to life.”

Regarding the accomplishments of the company on the product front, Birla mentioned xCurrent and xRapid as the champions of the year. He said that Ripple wanted to make all the products work better with each other. For instance, xCurrent, the product that has been outsold by the company in the market for more than three years now, had been made to work with xRapid this year.

He further explained the importance of this synergy, mentioning that xRapid can be used to create on-demand liquidity on an instant basis in Mexico. In his words:

“That’s such a big deal is because you don’t need to have the expensive capital tied up in Mexico. You can use xRapid for on-demand liquidity, instantly sourcing liquidity and delivering your payment into Mexico. One of the really exciting things about xRapid is that not only did we get the product launched not technically but we got it live in Mexico. We gotta live in the Philippines as well.”

For 2019, Birla suggested that the goal was to bring xRapid into more specific corridors with regulatory clarity and a need for solving a big pain point for a customer base.

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