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Ethereum Classic ecosystem crippled as ETCDEV plan Emerald, SputnikVM and Orbita migration

Recently, Ethereum Classic, one of the leading projects in the community, stepped under the spotlight as one of the lead development team, Ethereum Classic Development Company announced that they would be shutting down their operations. This announcement created a buzz in the market as the development team pointed out the other teams for failing them.

According to the official website, Ethereum Classic has five teams:

  • IOHK [Grothendieck]
  • ETC Cooperative
  • ETC Labs
  • ETC Commonwealth

Out of the five teams, ETCDEV, IOHK and ETC Commonwealth are the ones that focus on the development of the project and the rest provide financial support for the growth of Ethereum Classic.

ETCDEV is known was maintaining the key client of Ethereum Classic – Classic Geth, which has been under the development team since the DAO hack. The other projects the team works on include Emerald wallet, Sputnik Virtual Machine, and Orbita.

Now, the company will stop their operations on Ethereum Classic due to a financial crisis. The Founder of ETCDEV, Igor Artamonov stated that the company is facing a cash crunch and that they were unable to raise funds as a result of the bear market.

In his recent blog post, Artamonov stated that the access for the funds that were meant to be utilized for the development of ETCDEV was lost. This was followed by the Founder seeking financial assistance from DFG and ETC Labs.

Post this, the Founder claimed that he had provided admin access to krykoder, a representative of DFG, on their request, who then removed everyone else’s access along with copying all the projects. This led to the team effectively losing control to Classic Geth and ETC community organization.

He had stated:

“Removing an admin is not a simple operation. GitHub asks for a special confirmation and password, and it has to be done several times, and for each admin. This can’t be done by mistake as ETC Labs, together with ETC Coop, are trying to portray no”

AMBCrypto reached out to Anthony Lusardi, Director of ETC Cooperative regarding this situation and their involvement in it. We also asked Lusardi on what would happen to the projects after ETCDEV shuts down their operations.

“1. ETC Cooperative has no involvement in the internal operations of ETCDEV or ETC Labs. We’re all separate. 2. We’re waiting for clarity on who will maintain ETCDEV’s projects going forward but I don’t think this is a concern, there are many interested in making sure these projects stay a part of the ecosystem. 3. GitHub is aware of the issue with the GitHub organization and they’re investigating and fixing it”

We also reached out to Igor Artamonov and asked about the company’s current stance taking into consideration that they have been working for the ETC ecosystem for more than two years now. We also asked him about the future of the project. To which, he said:

“we did all the work for ETC for past years, all protocol stuff, wallets, libraries and the whole infrastructure [including for example] was developer by me or the team. Currently, ETCDEV stopping all activities related to ETC. No other team was working on core projects before that moment.”

The founder and developer further stated:

“I don’t know who will continue that work, and what long term plans and strategy they has. Speaking about other projects, such as Emerald, Sputnik and Orbita, we’re going to continue our work on this projects, but it’s not going to be targeting Ethereum Classic.”

When asked for further clarification on the future of the projects and Classic Geth, he said:

“I’m working on future strategy and how Emerald, SputnikVM and Orbita can be used outside of Ethereum Classic or be blockchain agnostic. There is no final decision yet, and it will be published in following weeks. Classic Geth is community project though only ETCDEV was working on it for past 2 years. ETCDEV is not going to continue that work, and is not going to maintain it.”

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