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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver reasons his anti-government stance and the alleged lawsuit

As the crypto market wonders about the future, Roger Ver, a proponent of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] talked about the Bitcoin Cash Fork and competitors Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright, in an interview with Naomi Brockwell.

Ver was asked about the alleged lawsuit filed against and himself and about the consequences of such a lawsuit. Ver said that he is “certainly annoyed” about the lawsuit and according to his lawyer’s consultation, the lawsuit will not reap any benefits for the plaintiffs. Ver added:

“I still have to pay a bunch of money to defend it. So myself and my company, neither of us have been served yet. So we’re not technically I don’t know how it works for that sort of thing. But I don’t think we’re a party to the lawsuit until we’ve been served.”

Ver also mentioned about the two developers of the firm who got served and how the company is taking care of the financial support required to fight the lawsuit. While talking about the impact such a lawsuit has, Ver took a dig at Calvin Wright, the former Bitcoin Cash [BCH] advocate by thanking him for all of it.

Ver calls the behavior of “suing people because you don’t like what they did with their computer software that they own or code that developers wrote”, is against the point that cryptocurrencies in general stand for.

The BCH proponent also laid out facts and called it a bull’s rule as the growth observed by Bitcoin over the last two years is up to 300%, which is staggering in itself. Ver also claimed that the “bull market’s going to continue as long as you take a big enough segment”. However, the BCH advocate talks about allowing the blocks on Bitcoin to become full, as a disaster. According to Ver, this led the alternative coins to take away market share.

He talks about the availability of many choices causing a “choice paralysis” among the people and them eventually opting for the Investment banking and financial services like Bank of America. Ver also touched over the point of Bitcoin SV [BSV] wanting to be government-friendly. As per Craig Wright, a proponent of BSV has propagated the need of governance, while targetting Ver for his anti-government stance.

Ver suggests that government is the “most detrimental thing that humankind has ever invented”. Ver states the reason for his anti-government stance by talking about nuclear bombs and how it destroyed innocent people’s lives. He ended the topic saying:

“I’m not interested in being government-friendly and I am not interested in BSV. So I wish them good luck with the project as far as it aligns with making peer to peer electronic cash for the world but other than that it’s something that I’m not interested in and I am not playing close attention to.”

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