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Grayscale Secures $330 Million in Crypto Bear Market, Demand Booming

It goes without saying that 2018 hasn’t treated the crypto market all too well. The value of all altcoins, along with Bitcoin, have collectively fallen by over 70%, with retail trading volume falling by a similar figure. However, as is the common theme with markets of any size, there’s a definite silver lining in the abstract cryptocurrency cloud.

This silver lining, as predicted by a number of industry pundits, is the fact that institutional players have continued to allocate capital to crypto-related instruments en-masse.

Bitcoin Bear Market Hasn’t Deterred Grayscale’s Clients

In Grayscale Investments’ most recent volume of its quad-annual “Digital Asset Investment Report” series, the startup revealed that its digital asset operations haven’t been forestalled by Bitcoin’s most recent collapse. Per the report, Grayscale, a subsidiary of New York-based Digital Currency Group, saw its clients invest $81.1 million in Q3, bringing the firm’s year-to-date total to a jaw-dropping $330 million. Reportedly, 59% of that capital ($195 million) has come from the pockets of hedge funds, pensions, endowments, family offices, and other institutional investors.

Although $330 million may seem measly on the scale of the cryptocurrency market at large, which sits at a casual $200 billion valuation, this figure represents a 1300% increase in Grayscale’s business year-on-year. This, of course, is a testament to the growing involvement of institutions in this market, as just one year ago, the investment startup “only” raked in $25.4 million.

Cementing its legitimacy further, CNBC has revealed that Grayscale, a self-proclaimed “leader of digital currency investing,” now manages over $1.5 billion in assets, representing a respectable portion of this industry’s swelling monetary influence.

Out of the $330 million invested through Grayscale’s diverse roster of vehicles, in the aforementioned document, the firm revealed that it saw 73% of funds flow through its Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC), subsequently noting that BTC “is still king” after its decade-long run.

Interestingly, as reported by NewsBTC previously, GBTC, which is publicly tradable on America’s stock market, saw its historical premium fall substantially, crypto savant Eric Thies pointing out that “retail investor interest is extremely low and something/someone very powerful is holding actual BTC up.”

Grayscale’s Sonnenschein: Institutions Are Accumulating Crypto

Commenting on the statistics, Michael Sonnenschein of Grayscale Investments, who Business Insider calls one of “October’s rising Wall Street stars,” took to CNBC Fast Money’s panel, who hasn’t shirked away from covering the cryptosphere’s going-ons in the past.

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