Cardano [ADA]’s Charles Hoskinson says, comparing Tezos’ and Cardano’s situation is “apples to oranges”

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK, said that there was nothing similar between Tezos’ and Cardano’s situation and that comparing them would be “apples to oranges”. He also further disccussed the Tezos project in the recent interview with Crypto Insider.

Hoskinson said that the Tezos situation was grim as the founders who want to control the intent of the project set up shop in Switzerland, hoping to elude the regulations of US regulators. The plan backfired as the former foundation head Johan Gevers had a spat over governance with Breitman, which caused a launch delay, he said.

He went on to explain that this was nothing similar to the issue with Cardano and that their foundation added value to the ecosystem. He said:

“where it has a collection of duties and responsibilities that are for the community but whether it does these things or not doesn’t stop development does these things or not doesn’t start partnership in business development and because of the triumph or its structure we had resiliency. So if it fails to other entities can step in and fill in for it and continue moving the project along”

The CEO then said that he had to travel to 27 countries just to “facilitate the community management and evangelism role” that the foundation was responsible for, and that it did not stop the project from development.

Giving foundations the authority over “software developments” and “scientific research” would not be a good idea as they aren’t very nimble or agile in decision making, added Hoskinson. He said that all cryptocurrencies must face the crisis of governance for them to get to the next level, just like how Bitcoin had Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum had Ethereum Classic, and Ripple had issues with Jed McCaleb. He said:

“The ability to overcome that event is what tells you that cryptocurrency is going to be around for a long time. Bitcoin survived the loss of Satoshi and it is still going strong, so similarly we are no different and Cardano has to overcome this little blip.”

At one point, Charles Hoskinson even compared Cardano to Tezos, saying they are similar to each other and that both have “blockchain governance in mind”, but radically different “philosophies about proof of stake,” concluding by saying that he has respect for the work they have done so far.

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